bio pic 01Hi, my name is Kevin Durio, founder of the UDT system. I have 40 years of Martial Arts training as well as being a certified boxing coach under USA Boxing, the governing body of International Games, Pan Am games and Olympic boxing. I also have taken the PPCT Instructor course so I can have a better picture of what you have been getting as far as defensive tactics. UDT can definitely do better than that.

I started UDT as a mixed skill fighting system totally dedicated to real world defensive tactics for law enforcement and military use when I had a police friend ask me for hand to hand training. This fighting system - UDT - is now being taught to Police and Military personnel in the Dallas / Fort Worth area for its practicality and effectiveness, but UDT has evolved into so much more. Our focus is about the TOTAL health and safety of the men and women of our EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Military services!    

We offer seminars in advanced defensive tactics that can be customized to fit any special need of your officers. The skills presented are of the highest quality, have been battle tested, and of course ... are to be used as a last resort. Your department policies will always be the first rule to follow. We offer a 2 level Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Certification. When the Instructor Candidate finishes this 2 part series, the participant will be WELL versed in real world applications of advanced defensive tactics as well as how to teach it at a very high level! UDT only wants the best instructors to teach the best officers the best skills!

Other subjects that UDT offers; The Tactical Athlete - a fitness overview to make the officer/operator aware of the importance of being mission ready 24/7/365, as well as to make clear the important relationship between fitness and fighting. UDT will design and help implement your departments annual fitness testing as well as help with new recruit fitness testing and training. Coming in the summer of 2015 we'll be offering our UDT Tactical Fitness Trainer Certification. This certification will be for OUR community, NO civilian "trainers" will have access to this course, this is for you all ONLY!!

UDT also offers the TacRAT (Tactical Reach And Treat) course. The TacRAT course is basic emergency medicine for police officers. You'll learn how to self assess if you get wounded and no one else is around, the proper way to assess and care for primary and secondary wounds of a patient, and the basics of BTLS - Basic Trauma Life Support - this is the "gross motor" skills of emergency medicine. These basic skills get a patient ready for the medics to take over. Just like the other subjects we offer, UDT is rolling out its TacRAT instructor course in late 2015. This will be an intense 40 hour course that will most definitely make any officer a well qualified first responder as well as instructor!           

I am a former paramedic for the city of Grand Prairie EMS/Fire. I’ve had a couple of knives and a screwdriver pulled out on me. I’ve been shoved by more than a few combative patients and my partner and I were even shot at once when on the box. This gave me a small but important perspective on what police officers have to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention the Fire and EMS side of things. Although I'm not a police or military officer, this is my way of giving back to law enforcement operators and other EMS/Fire personel, as well our U.S. armed service men and women for whom I have the greatest respect. I am also a Professional Fitness Trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and The Cooper Institute. I have additional education in functional conditioning and bio-mechanics as well as specialized training in specific law enforcement and fire personel fitness issues (Tactical Strength And Conditioning -TSAC). I take fitness seriously and will push it on any one who participates in my courses. It’s important for fire, police and military – Tactical Athletes – to be mission ready 24/7/365.