Hey All,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy … as always!!! Wow … man, we needed that rain & there is more coming!!!

Now it’s November and we’re all thinking about the holidays coming up. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be talking about “surviving the holidays”. That is; your eating / your stress / your exercise. These are just “sniglets” of the real lecture I’ll be giving at the Y on November 12th at 11:30a. Signup at the front desk and come see it LIVE and IN PERSON …. Yeah, it’ll be fun and lively!

Enjoy …

Surviving The Holidays

Let’s start with a bit of common sense. Of course your eating “habits” will change a bit through the holidays … it’s almost impossible for them not to change some, I mean really … TREATS & EATS WILL BE EVERYWHERE!!!! Not to mention the abundance of get-togethers and parties around this time of the year. You are still responsible for every bite you put in your mouth. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can make a pig of yourself for 2-3 months and that you’re gonna be ok when you hit the gym again in January! There is no rule that says you have to eat every single sweet treat that crosses your path … be smart with your choices and make the tough choice when snacks are near.

Here are a few healthier ways to beat the sweet holiday temptations ...

First; start off by bringing healthy snacks with you to work, and snack on those often during the day to keep fuel (food) in the stomach so you don’t feel like you “gotta have” something to eat. That way you won’t hover over that plate of cookies a co-worker brings.

Next; keep the “eating” aspect of the holidays in perspective – yeah its cold out and we humans also feel a “hibernation” instinct to “fatten up” in the winter, but you still need to think of food as fuel and enjoy the “snacks” as a treat and not as a new diet plan!!!

Next; if you do indulge in the sweets, do so in moderation, and that goes for drinking too. While it may be easy to drink and eat too much at parties and special dinners, have a small bite of food BEFORE you go out to a party to help “pre-fill” your belly. And of course you should ALWAYS be aware of your alcohol consumption 24-7-365!! You don’t want to be the one on anybody’s Face book page or the one talked about on Monday morning around the water cooler about how you acted at the company or co-workers party ... think about it.

See you at the gym!!!