Hey All,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy … as always!!! Man, I love this cool weather!!!!! Now it’s feeling like fall!

This is the third & final week to chat with you about “surviving the holidays”. That is; your eating / your stress / your exercise. These are just “sniglets” of the real lecture I just gave at the Y … I know, you’re really sad that you missed it … well … you missed a good one!!!!

Enjoy …

Surviving The Holidays

Managing your EXERCISE.

From about November 1st through January 1st, your “top” exercise / fitness goal should be to just make it to the gym, or wherever you workout, on a regular basis ... THAT’S IT!!!

You’ll set yourself up for failure if you honestly think you’re going to “step up” your workouts through THIS or any holiday season!  

You won’t have time to “step up” your workout – you’re gonna be busy enough!

Stick with your regular workout. If you want to burn more calories through the holidays … spend more time doing “cardio” work. Keep up your muscle training, but trade one of your weight days for an extra cardio day or class. Try “intervals” to get maximum results.

Cardio Basics

Steady state cardio work is holding a certain speed, cadence/rhythm, resistance … for a specific period of time, like a long slow jog.

Interval cardio work is mixing a slower pace for a certain amount of time with a faster pace for a certain amount of time and repeating that pattern for as long as you want. Think of a slow jog mixed with sprinting.

Here’s a great way to get through the holidays and keep your workouts “regular” … make a pact with a friend and workout together. That way you’ll be accountable to someone else and you guys can lean on each other when the going gets tough.

Here’s another one … sign up for a class or even buy a handful of trainings to be accountable through the holidays … it’s all about accountability!!! Good Luck and Great Holidays!!!!!

See you at the gym!!!