Hey All,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy. I had a great Thanksgiving; I hope you all did as well!!  

Well, I can hardly believe that it’s now onto Christmas … ALREADY!!! Holy smokes this year has flown by!!! Stay close to family, say your prayers, count your blessings, and get to know YOU and like YOU, and pay “it” forward – whatever “it” is. Blessings come to those that bless others. My thoughts for the season, just wanted to share.

Ok then, on to this week’s blog … I was thinking about all the time we spend getting ready for our respective holidays and cramming in work and family duties and church and friends and ………….. ‘you with me?

Let’s do a little math - in one 7 day week at 24 hours a day you have 168 hours. Take out 40 hours for work IF you just work 40 hours a week and you’re left with 128 hours. Now take out the “average” recommended 8 hours per night of sleep and you’re left with 72 hours. NOW … take that 72 hours left over and get in your “weekend” plus all the extra “life” stuff you want and need to do with family, friends, work, church, etc.

This should be obvious, but you know you can’t get a single second back to “re-spend” so you gotta be wise with your time, right? The one thing that not one single person can do, no matter how rich they are, is buy more time. You have to use what you have and that’s it – you don’t get anymore!

I get sidetracked often enough and it really annoys me – I’m sure it has something to do with my ADHD – but it still gets under my skin. All of y’all have seen my “list” that I carry just because of my ADHD and I still get off track now and then.  

What’s my point … this coming year – 2016 – make a conscious decision to be aware of your “time” and spend it just like you would the money in your bank account. Make a time budget just like a money budget. Have time that you NEED to spend on something, have time that you WANT to spend on something and then plan “cushion” time for the unexpected. What the heck is “cushion time”?? The best way I can define this is to start living by the saying; “early is on time, on time is late”. Give yourself cushion time by being ready just a little earlier than usual for getting to work, picking up the kids, going to almost any event, just be more conscious of getting your errands done with as little “wasted time” as possible. You can reduce your stress if you’re not running events right up to the last minute. Yeah, you might be used to doing that, but in the long run you gotta ask if it’s really the best way to manage your day. Make 2016 the year of time management … and I will as well!!!!!

See you at the gym!!!