Hey All,

I do hope you're enjoying another great chilly weekend, just like I like it!! Around here I guess the “chili pots” will be used soon … back home it’s the gumbo pots!!!! Yum yum!!!!

Ok, this week’s thought; I was reminded of a quote I heard a LONG time ago and still use almost every day. It’s still good today and can be applied to any situation or circumstance.

“Leave it better than you found it”

I first heard this as a camping axiom when I was a boy scout in California. You did NOT break this rule! We had to really watch our step when in the National Forests and seashores, so it made sense. Even in the smaller state parks we had to be careful – of course. We were taught to leave our campsite better than we found it so that no one could tell we were even there. Just as Sun Tzu’s book, Art Of War, was originally used for battle and now used in the boardroom, the quote “leave it better than you found it” works for camping as well as EVERYTHING else you do.

Think of it this way … leave EVERYTHING better than you found it. Leave the house in the morning better than you found it – leave with a genuine smile on your face, kiss & hug your loved ones, say something positive, pet the pet, straighten something up – just leave it better.

At work, leave the office the same way (maybe not the kissing part), leave a positive thought or idea with a co-worker, finish the day with the “priorities” done, leave a good impression with a client even if it’s one you’ve had for a long time, throw out the junk of the day and get home with energy to spare for a few precious moments with the fam before you crash – just leave work better than you found it.

Friendships are no different, leave each encounter with both of you having a good feeling and good memories, have a positive outlook – no one really likes to hang out with Eeyore, not even another Eeyore – just leave the encounter better than you found it.

Church, sports, hobbies … leave all of it better than you found it. Give it try. You just might be surprised at what happens!  


Have a great weekend and I'll see you at the gym!