Hey All,

Stay dry this weekend and watch out for the storm on Saturday night … it’s supposed to be a doozy!!!

Ok, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about stress for a couple of weeks (you know, because of Christmas and New Years) – so I’m going to answer the following questions over the next couple of weeks – enjoy.  

  • What does stress do to me?
  • Are there different kinds of stress?
  • How can I manage my stress?
  • What the heck is a 15 minute weekend?

This week let’s talk about what does stress do to you?

Good or bad, stress does the following to you;

You’ll see increases in;

  • Heart rate – a perceived threat, real or imagined, positive or negative, always amps up the body meaning an increase in heart rate to ready the body for fight or flight.
  • Blood pressure – when the heart pumps more blood faster as in increased heart rate, it naturally increases the pressure in the system – heart, arteries and veins.
  • Breathing – the body knows it’s getting ready to fight or for flight so it has to put oxygen in the system to feed and fuel the muscles that are amping up for work so it starts to breathe faster.
  • Oxygen consumption – when you’re “active” your body needs oxygen all the way down to every cell in the body. Now, put yourself in a stressful situation and the oxygen consumption is increased many times.  
  • Sweating – all this increase of heart rate and blood pressure as well as increases in breathing tell the body its working hard, and that feels like exercise to body and what does the body do to cool itself when its working hard … it sweats.

   Good or bad stress does this to you and in a matter of seconds. Think of a time when you were sitting down quiet and comfortable and something startles you … all the above happened in just a second and you feel it for several more until you realize what happened to make you jump like that. This is what stress does to you. If you let this “buildup” and not blow off steam in a positive way, then this can be detrimental to you and your health.

What’s the number one counter to handling stress … well; it shouldn’t be much of a surprise … its exercise!! Honest! That’s science!!!!

See you at the gym then!!!!!