Hey All,

Well, I do hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now it’s time for New Years … new goals … new plans … new dreams!! Remember, don’t make “resolutions”, make GOALS!!! If you need some help let me know what I can do.

Ok, onto this week’s blog on stress. The next question is how to manage your stress.  

  • How can I manage my stress?
  • What the heck is a 15 minute weekend?

How can I manage my stress?

The challenge is to make stress work FOR you instead of against you. To survive and manage stress, you need to learn how to;

  • Recognize it – review the signs and symptoms of stress. Make sure you can recognize it … in YOU. Its sometime’s, well almost all the time, easier to see someone else stressing out, but it’s a LOT harder to recognize it in yourself. You know the old saying; you can’t see the forest for tress – simply meaning you’re too close to the situation to get a clear picture of what’s happening. So be familiar with the signs of stress and do something positive to fix it.
  • Accept it – the stuff you can’t change will just have to be accepted and adapted to. That in no way means you’re letting the stress beat you. It just means that you have accepted that stress is here to stay, it’s part of every single day that you’re here on this planet, but you have a LOT more control of your stress than you think.
  • Channel it in positive rather than destructive ways – it’s about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions & your schedule as well as the way you DEAL with problems. Start looking at ways to deflect your stress. Exercise, volunteer, meditate, and take some time to re-group / re-charge / re-pair what past stresses has damaged. Look at your problems as opportunities or challenges and make goals to overcome and defeat the challenge. Last but not least, consider getting a tune-up for your head. You get one for your car so it keeps running like new … well; get a tune-up for your head so you keep running like new. Just a thought and a damn fine thought at that!    

Stress is part of life – there’s no way to eliminate it. What matters most is how you handle it. The best thing you can do to prevent stress overload and the health consequences that come with it, is to know how to recognize the signs and symptoms … oh yeah … AND EXERCISE!!!  

See you at the gym!!!!!