It's been a good year for us, with the move to Boerne and setting up shop. It's small and compact, but all we need for the moment. We are definitely growing and making good contacts. If you're in the Boerne area, stop by and get in a quick workout with us. We're here for you!

Take a look at our schedule of events and classes. We're putting stuff out there all the time now. We will still travel to your department if you want to host a training, as well as having our classes here at our headquarters. Check it out, we might just have what you need for your TCOLE hours!!

ALL courses include a basic use of force lecture for review along with other legal considerations pertaining to defensive tactics and the law enforcement officer. Each course also has a fitness component to emphasize the importance it plays in defensive tactics. The 2 day seminar has a fitness review and basic fitness test, while the 3 day course has an active fitness session as well. Any of our courses can be taught at your location for the ease and convenience for your officers not to mention your budget. Do not hesitate to ask if you would like to host one of our courses. We'll be happy to work a good deal for the hosting agency. The skills in each course build on each other in a progression so that by the end of the class the students are moving fast and aggressively. These courses do not need to be done in any order, YOU customize what you need for your team! All courses have a 10 officer minimum and a 25 officer maximum.

The pricing for ALL our classes is the same; $50.00 per day per individual. Our one day classes are $50.00, our two day courses are $100.00, and our three day courses are $150.00. Of course we'll work with agencies that host a course and also any department that sends a team of 3 or more. We give a minimum of 8 TCOLE credits for every day of training. One day = 8, two days = 16 and three days = 24.

Our 2 and 3 day courses as well as our instructor courses all include "night" sessions to bring the real world feel to your training.        

Our Foundation Classes

Empty hand/close quarter combat

This course is close quarter combat at its best! This class covers stance and strikes with hands and feet, arm locks, takedowns, soft and hard hand techniques. Emphasis is placed on being aware, being fast, being simple and effective. This class also covers weapon defense skills when you're attacked by a perp with a knife, bottle, stick or gun. You'll learn to use your environment. The side of the house or squad car, a fence, the stairs ... whatever is around you can be used to your advantage. We'll practice "improvised" weapons of opportunity as well. You’ll also practice multiple attackers alone and with a partner. Weapon retention skills will also be practiced here. A night training comes with every class longer than one day. This class is often paired with the ground fighting class. 

Ground fighting for survival, not points  

This course is exactly that, nothing fancy and certainly not for points. This WILL NOT be a formal grappling class. This is survival fighting at its best. You’ll learn how not to get thrown to the ground and then how to get up right away if you are. You’ll practice “barrier” drills, to make it difficult for an aggressor to get the best of you. Not only battle tested ground skills, but you'll also block and strike from your ground position just as comfortably as if you were standing. The rapid fire drill will close this days training. Our ground skills are efficient and effective. I wont waste your time with moves that only work in a Dojo. This class is often paired with the empty hand class. 

TacRAT; Tactical Reach And Treat Medical Training 

This training was born out of a real need for medical training by every officer on the force. No matter what your position in the department, medical training is needed at every level. This course is a jammed packed and full of hands-on practice. You'll get tons of practice in patient assessment, stopping bleeding, bandaging and splinting, treating shock, blunt trauma care, chest trauma - stabbings and gunshot wounds, proper communication skills for clear and precise transfer of information, and environmental emergencies. This class can be customized for a one day to a three day training. The three day course also has one night training element for a real world feel.      

Other courses we offer;

Knives, bottles and other “cutters”

This course is all things that cut and nothing else. We focus on the cutter as it’s used in an attack by an aggressor as well as teaching the operator to be a knife fighter to recognize what the agressor is doing. The operator will learn defense skills using the cutter and how and when its appropriate to throw his/her weapon away, then your empty hand skills come into play. We finish with one of my favorite training drills ... our Rapid Fire drill! This drill reinforces all skills as well as speed and quick thinking. You’ll practice multiple attackers in a non-stop, continuous barrage. 

Batons and other “club” weapons  

You’ll train with your ASP, hard rubber batons, wooden sticks and the PR24. This course takes basic striking techniques and turns them inside out. You’ll defend with and strike with your weapon or with any stick you might find on the ground. This training is beyond anything you’ve done before. We’ll finish this class with the same rapid fire drill as in the knife class to build speed and quick thinking skills. Learning to defend from multiple attackers will be reviewed and practiced.

Improvised Weapons - any item as a weapon of defense or attack  

This particular course was born out of true need! At some point in EVERY training I've done, I get asked "what if all I have is ...", and it isn't a conventional weapon. This course is nothing fancy and certainly not pretty. This is everything else that can be used as a weapon. A magazine, towel, ink pen, cell phone, a cup of coffee, you get the idea. ANY item as a weapon of self defense or offense ... IF it gets down to that in an altercation. The rapid fire drill will help make the skills in this section really stick with the participant.


Hand To Hand Combat Instructor

Graduating Instructors will be proficient in teaching proper and correct tactics in the UDT system in empty hand / close quarter combat, ground fighting, defensive and offensive skills with an edged weapon as well use of improvised weapons of defense. There are 3 pre-course requirements you should have. One; you must have taken one of our hand to hand basic classes before taking our instructor course. This one is an ABSOLUTE. I know this makes sense so they are NO exceptions. The other Two are, you must have are your TCOLE Basic Instructor Certification and your AHA First-aid and CPR/AED certification. IF you dont have these last two, you can still take the Instructor course, but you will get a certificate of "COMPLETION" only and NOT the full certification. You'll recieve the full UDT Instructor Certification as soon as we get proof that you completed the two classes needed.   

The UDT hand to hand certification is a 2 level training series. Level 1 is a solid foundation in fitness and nutrition - you gotta be fit to fight. Basic but decidedly tough, hand to hand combat skills, first-aid for injuries that may happen with defensive tactics practice, homework throughout the course as well as teaching time to practice your teaching skills. This is an INSTRUCTOR class, you will be teaching a great deal through out the entire class. I'll be up front with you, level 1 is a tough enough class, but it is also a selections class. Out of this class some of you will be picked to move on to level 2. The others will be informed on what they need to improve on, and at a reduced tuition will be invited to repeat the course at the next opportunity. You'll get 30 TCOLE credits for this training. 

At level 2 everything is AMPED up and crammed in your face!! It's an all-out & full-on test of everything you have in you. UDT wants the best instructors we can get. This is definitely not a gentlemans course! More fitness, more fighting skills and a lot more teaching and taking charge of a class will be the order of every day. The night training will definitely set your skills so that day or night you'll have the confidence to employ the right tool at the right moment. You'll also learn the administrative details to run a successful course. After level 2 you're a fully certified UDT instructor. Congrats!! You'll get 30 TCOLE credits for this training.   

UDT Tactical Fitness Trainer   

YOUR FITNESS IS KEY TO YOUR LIFE, JOB AND YOUR TEAM'S SUCCESS! Because of the amount of occupational stress; police, fireman, and military personnel are subject to higher than normal rates of heart attacks, strokes and suicides! This HAS TO CHANGE! The Tactical Athlete series starts with a lecture that UDT puts in every course to reinforce the need to be fit not just to do your job better, but to help keep stress to a minimum, to help keep the number of sick days to a minimum, to help injury prevention and then to quicken your rehab in case of an injury. This lecture is powerful information in a simple and easy format with handouts for quick reference. The tactical Athlete lecture consists of but is not limited to; * the components that make up a tactical athlete, * the benefit of a structured exercise program, * how to put together a proper and correct exercise program, * recognizing and controlling on the job stress.

The UDT Tactical Fitness Trainer is a quality certification for the fitness leader(s) in every department. This certification is for law enforcement, fire service and military personnel only! You wont find some gym rat civilian in this course! This is our community and this certification is geared specifically for you! This is a 40 hour training in the newest science and exercises for the tactical athlete - YOU. If you're the fitness guy/gal for your department, this is a certification you dont want to be without. Traditional exercises will be reviewed and updated as well as the newest in power, agility, speed, strength, plyometrics and endurance. This course will debut summer of 2015. You'll get 40 TCOLE credits for this training.

UDT First Responder    

This is a 40 hour first-aid training certification that is similar to an ECA course except its designed totally for law enforcement. All skills will be top-notch plus how to deal with body armour, duty belts, working underfire and at night. This course will have basic, some advanced, and some "improvised" skills that will make you a very effective first responder and educator. This is much more than a basic first-aid course! This course will debut summer of 2015. You'll get 40 TCOLE credits for this training.  

The 2 day course is set up so you can customize exactly what your team needs and wants by picking any 1 or combination of the seminars that you're interested in. Make it a WELL rounded training and throw in our TacRAT course - basic medical training. This one too will have a "night" training component as well. Only the best in real world skills and techniques for you guys in the streets! $100.00 per individual, worth 16 TCOLE hours.

Our 3 day course is an intense and fast paced combination of your choosing plus an active fitness session that makes the officer aware of the importance of staying mission ready 24/7. You will need gym clothes for the fitness session, I wont make you exercise in your daily gear. This course has at least one night training so you can practice your skills in a real world "night mission" setting. $150.00 per indivdual, worth 24 TCOLE hours.